Two US firms are launching what they claim is the world’s first cannabis AI on 4/20 in a bid to make education about the plant more accessible. 

The brainchild of Barky AI and Highten, Canna-GPT is a natural language chatbot interface where users can type cannabis-focused questions to get answers quickly and efficiently.

The companies said the collaboration aims to democratise cannabis education on a global scale, making it accessible for “the many, not the few”.

Canna-GPT educates users about the difference between THC and terpenes

Barky AI founder and CEO Chris Barkhurst said: “The launch of Canna-GPT represents our ultimate vision of making cannabis education a shared experience for all.

“By seamlessly connecting AI and cannabis, we’re equipping individuals to navigate this enthralling realm with ease and self-assurance.”

Highten CEO Chad Johnson added: “[We] came together to introduce an AI experience that is breaking down barriers, making cannabis education more accessible than ever before. We cordially invite the public to join this transformative movement on 4/20.” 

Canna-GPT will be available for a limited time only, starting tomorrow (Thursday).

UPDATE (April 21, 2023): Proving there’s no copywriting a good idea, another US firm, Green Rush Consulting, launched Oddysee on 4/20, “a new generative AI platform specifically designed for the cannabis industry”.

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