Plant-based nutraceutical company Live Verdure is launching new skincare brand 8 Seeds with former L’Oreal Australia managing director Mark Tucker heading up the venture. 

Live Verdure is the parent company of direct-to-consumer health and wellness brand 13 Seeds. It listed on the ASX in December 2020 under the ticker LV1.

8 Seeds general manager Mark Tucker

The firm saw online sales increase by 32% in the July quarter on the back of rising consumer spending online and increasing public awareness of the health benefits related to hemp seed.

Originally starting with hemp-based skincare products, the company launched 13 food products after hemp seeds were approved for food consumption in Australia in 2017 including porridge, muesli, chai and hot chocolate.

New brand 8 Seeds will focus on skincare products in conjunction with Live Verdure’s strategic partner THG Ingenuity.

Tucker said: “Based on what we have achieved already with the 13 Seeds range, I can confidently say that joining Live Verdure as GM of Skincare will be an exciting and rewarding opportunity for myself and the company.

“Now is the perfect time to build 8 Seeds into a brand with both immediate and long-term appeal, and I look forward to bringing our hard work to fruition.”

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