A host of new research findings will be unveiled at the United in Compassion symposium next month during a one-day program featuring speakers from across the globe.

The sessions have been put together by the Lambert Initiative with the aim of showcasing the “latest and greatest in cannabis science nationally and internationally”.

Fresh data will be released by Sydney University’s Dr Llew Mills from the 2022/23 Cannabis as Medicine (CAM) survey, while Dr Anastasia Suraev will present soon-to-be-published results from her CANSLEEP trial looking at THC and insomnia.

The data from the CAM survey will build on the findings released earlier this year – based on the responses of 1,600 people – which revealed significant differences between patients who source medicinal cannabis via a prescription compared to those who do so illicitly.

At UIC, data from 5,000 respondents will be unveiled, providing an even more detailed picture of medical cannabis use in Australia.

Other sessions will see the latest research presented regarding cannabinoids and driving.

Professor of cannabinoid pharmacology and deputy director of the Lambert Initiative, Dr Jonathon Arnold, said the research program will delve into “new advances in the science of cannabis”.

“This program showcases the latest and greatest in cannabis science nationally and internationally, and highlights progress in the basic science of cannabis from the plant to humans,” he said.

“It will also report on innovative research and new applications for cannabis and its constituents and highlight critically important new evidence for the clinical use of cannabis which will ultimately ensure better outcomes for patients.”

Other highlights will include research on minor cannabinoids, positive clinical trial results for Tourette’s patients, and the latest on cannabis and driving and community trends.

The day-long series of presentations, which takes place on Friday August 11, will also examine progress in cannabis-inspired drug discovery programs, including the discovery of lesser known cannabinoids for anti-seizure and pro-sleep activity, as well as findings of cannabinoids combating neurodegeneration and cancer.

Emerging research on cannabinoids as anti-ageing agents will also be presented.

In addition, there will be an update on the status of clinical trials in Australia, the introduction of new trials and completed trials on Tourette’s syndrome, insomnia and pain.

Speakers include associate professor Monika Doblin (AgrioBio, La Trobe University), professor Michelle Glass (University of Otago, NZ), Dr David Meiri (Technion, Israel), Associate professor Ziva Cooper (UCLA, US), professor Ryan Vandrey (Johns-Hopkins University, US) and professor Jan Ramaekers (Maastricht University, the Netherlands).

The full line up can be found here.

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