Oliver Horn is the CEO of ASX-listed cannabis company Elixinol Global, having previously led vitamin and supplement brand Swisse Wellness.

Oliver sat down with Cannabiz (admittedly, through the magic of Zoom) to share what first got him interested in cannabis, how to market a product that can’t be marketed, and the future of the industry in Australia.

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Oliver Horn - Cannabis News Australia - Cannabiz
Oliver Horn, CEO, Elixinol Global

Cannabiz: How did you get into the cannabis industry?

Oliver Horn: I started to develop a real passion for wellbeing in my 40s. When I joined Swisse as a CEO and managing director, that wellness environment really, really suited me. I had a personal fascination with that topic.

Swisse has products in every single wellbeing and supplements category you can imagine, and one of the new frontiers that we explored was CBD – so I was able to get early knowledge into what it can do.

So when it was time to change careers and do something different, I really wanted to join and be in the forefront of CBD development and join a much smaller business, albeit with this huge potential that CBD brings and the global reach that CBD has.

So with my background from the supplements and wellbeing industry, taking that to Elixinol was a real attraction for me. Shaping the industry, seeing how consumers see and consume CBD and how they interact with it; I find it all fascinating. So I wanted to jump to somewhere that was at the forefront and be on the vanguard of a new, defining wellbeing trend.

Did you have any prior misconceptions around cannabis, or has it always been a positive thing?