From maintaining the fitness of elite sports stars to running a medicinal cannabis company, it’s been an intriguing journey for Fleta Solomon. In the second part of an exclusive interview with Cannabiz, she reveals why she returned to university to find inspiration and discusses the origins of Little Green Pharma.

It doesn’t take long to get a sense of what makes Fleta Solomon tick.

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With a background in exercise and sports science – including a spell working with players in the AFL – she turned her attention to preventing injury in the workplace.

For more than a decade, her company, Onsite Health Solutions, operated health and wellness programs in the mining, oil and gas industries. Just as she worked with elite sports stars to keep them injury-free, so her 100-strong team adopted the same principals to the industrial sector. In 2013, Solomon and her business partners sold the business to Weet-Bix owner, Sanitarium.

Then followed a potentially revolutionary start-up, Bacstop Water Technologies. Through the extraordinary properties of two nano silver balls that cleansed the most contaminated water imaginable, it promised to solve one of the world’s most enduring and troubling issues.

Striving to provide clean drinking water, Solomon enthused, “was one of the most fabulous things I’ve ever done”.

A personal wellness business followed, which she co-founded, before landing in the medicinal cannabis sector.

It is a career with a clear, and ongoing, theme.