Younger men are driving a massive increase in demand for flower products in a game-changing trend for the Australian medicinal cannabis market.

According to an analysis by Cannabiz of nearly 120,000 SAS-B applications from January 2019 to April 2021, flower increased from 3% of applications in Q1 2019 to 32% just two years later.

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While the gender split was almost 50:50 at the start of 2019, men made up 58% of applications in Q1, 2021 with their average age falling from 51 to 43 during the same period. The average age for women fell by just two years to 52.

Presenting the findings at the first Cannabiz Premium members-only webinar, editor-at-large Rhys Cohen said: “We are seeing many more applications for younger men seeking flower compared to applications for older patients, who are more likely to be women, seeking oil.”

Cohen said the trend may in part be due to increasing numbers of recreational users accessing cannabis via the SAS-B route.

“That is probably the most significant contribution to this trend. We know, from other Department of Health data, that people who say they use cannabis for recreational purposes are much more likely to be men in their twenties.”

He added: “The price of flower has been coming down, the quality has been coming up. It’s relatively quick and easy to find a clinic that will prescribe whatever you want, without even having to leave your house, and get the product delivered through a pharmacy.”

“It was going to happen eventually, I think we’re probably seeing the beginning of it.”

Prior to launching Cannabiz, Martin was co-founder and CEO of Asia-Pac’s leading B2B media and marketing information brand Mumbrella, overseeing its sale to Diversified Communications in 2017. A journalist...