Helen Kapalos’ documentary, A Life of its Own, introduces viewers to a cast of everyday people from around Australia and beyond who are all facing a similar struggle: getting legal access to cannabis.

Helen first began covering cannabis back in 2014, when she was senior correspondent on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night. At the time, she was reporting on families buying cannabis on the black market for their sick children.

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Over the years, Helen’s reporting has seen her become a staunch advocate for safe, reliable access to cannabis for those who need it.

Full transcript:

Josie Tutty (Cannabiz): Joining me now we have Australian journalist and television presenter, Helen Kapalos. Helen began reporting on medicinal cannabis during her time as a senior correspondent on Seven Sunday Night, which eventually led to the creation of a Life of Its Own. A documentary she produced, wrote and directed about medicinal cannabis. Welcome Helen.

Helen Kapalos: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Josie: So maybe just to kick off, at the time of recording, we’re just sort of slowly emerging out of lockdown. How has it been for you?

Helen: You mean being in isolation? It’s been interesting. There’s definitely an introspective part of my personality that’s really enjoyed this. There’s a part of me thinking, how will I get back out there again, but also I’m really keen to kind of rejoin the community again too.