The Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party (LCWA) is the second state-based party to join the nationwide crusade for legalisation and is led by retired nurse and Medical Cannabis Users’ Association of Australia (MCUA) founding member Gail Hester. 

In a statement to Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP), Hester said: “We don’t have any delusions about winning government, but a seat or two on the crossbench of upper or lower house would be a great start.

“The goal is mainly to raise awareness of the issue and use it as a legitimate platform to show just how many people want an end to the drug war and to prohibition in WA.”

The Queensland Legalise Cannabis Party performed surprisingly well in the October election, winning five per cent of the vote in some electorates and between three to four per cent in most of the 23 electorates where the party had candidates. 

Of the Queensland result, Hester said: “Not bad for a young party only registered one month before the election and at their first attempt. We hope to replicate this success in WA.”

The LWCA is seeking candidates that are willing to stand for seats in both state and federal parliament. Interested parties should head to the website or Facebook page for more information.

Hester said: “We are seeking 500 members who are registered to vote in WA before the end of December. It’s a big ask but it can be done. We were on a similar time frame when we started the Queensland branch earlier this year.”

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  1. There should be a system like in Spain, private clubs, fully registered, the clubs pay tax and discreet. Works good, everybody’s cool with it.