The Western Australian Government has approved and established the Cannabis and Hemp Inquiry Committee to investigate barriers to patient access and other cannabis issues.

The committee will be chaired by Legalise Cannabis WA upper house MP Dr Brian Walker with Labor’s parliamentary secretary to the attorney general and minister for electoral affairs Matthew Dean Swinbourn as deputy chair. 

Committee chair Dr Brian Walker

The select committee is made up of three other members, Labor’s Jackie Jarvis and Lorna Harper and James Hayward from the Nationals WA. 

The committee will inquire into and report on the potential to amend the current legislation and regulations for cannabis and hemp in WA. 

Among other issues, it will be reporting on:

  • The current barriers to the pharmaceutical/nutraceutical use of cannabinoid products. 
  • The prescribing, availability and affordability of medicinal cannabis.
  • The potential benefits and risks of permitting industrial hemp for human consumption.

The select committee is to table its final report no later than 12 months from establishment, but it may table interim reports in the meantime. 

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