The two cannabis activists behind last year’s 4/20 stunt that saw pro-legalisation messages projected onto Sydney Opera House have this morning been at it again.

Only this time the duo joined commuter rush-hour traffic. Driving a tank.

Alec Zammitt and Will Stolk, who are facing criminal charges for the Opera House prank, commandeered a fleet of military vehicles that trundled through Sydney to raise awareness of the drug-driving laws that continue to discriminate against users of medicinal cannabis.

Under the banner ‘Who are we hurting?’ the convoy rolled across Sydney Harbour Bridge and past the Opera House before stopping at media outlets to highlight the inequitable driving laws.

NSW Legalise Cannabis MP, Jeremy Buckingham, joined the motorcade, just hours after his election was confirmed.

“This visual statement aims to highlight the need for a new approach to drug-driving policy, one that prioritises harm reduction and treatment over punishment and incarceration,” Zammitt said ahead of the stunt.

“Driving with THC shouldn’t make you an enemy.”

The 4/20 campaign forms part of a wider protest by the pair against the ongoing ‘war on drugs’ that Stolk insisted will never be won.

“The 75-year war on drugs hasn’t worked and has cost the taxpayer billions of dollars fighting a war that cannot and will not ever be won,” he said.

Legalise Cannabis NSW MP Jeremy Buckingham supported the stunt just hours after his election was confirmed

He added that legalising cannabis would generate a “huge amount of money” from taxation that could be spent on healthcare, schools and roads.

Earlier this year, Zammitt and Stolk took out billboards across NSW protesting against the state’s drug-driving policy.

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