US medicinal cannabis clinic network OMNI Medical Services is offering complementary Covid-19 vaccines and boosters to patients from tomorrow (November 18).   

The company has received approval for the jabs from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with initial shipments of the Moderna vaccine. 

Initially, OMNI will be offering the vaccine at two of its Ohio clinics, with new locations added each week and vaccines available in Florida from December 1.

CEO David Koyle said: “As Covid-19 is still causing more than 1,000 deaths each day, [we are] doing our part in fighting this devastating disease by offering free Covid shots to our patients at our clinic locations.

“We are proud to offer real doctors and real medicine as well as facts and hope as a public-health tool to combat the disinformation and pessimism confusing many patients today.”

OMNI chief pharmacist Kelsey Echelbarger added: “Now that the CDC has formally released guidance on booster doses for the Covid-19 vaccine from all available manufacturers in the US, many cannabis patients are eligible to receive a booster.”

Echelbarger said OMNI can also provide advice to patients with questions about the vaccine, such as if it will interact with medicinal cannabis. The vaccines will be on offer until the US summer 2022.

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