The American Council of Cannabis Medicine (ACCM) has announced its proposed medicinal cannabis legislation and said discussions with sponsors in the House and Senate are underway.

By the start of the 2022 congressional calendar, the ACCM leadership expects to have onboarded initial sponsors and advanced the medicinal cannabis legislative package. 

Although legal in most US states, medicinal cannabis remains a prohibited substance at the federal level under the Controlled Substances Act 1970.

ACCM legislative committee co-chair Mark Block said: “Legislative work accelerated this year. ACCM’s continued focus on professionalisation, clinical research, and greater access has been a rallying cry to align some of the best stakeholders in medical cannabis. The ongoing input is creating a path to finally bring movement on the federal level.”

“Everyone now sees a path forward for rescheduling medical cannabis.”

Designed to build public support for upcoming proposed legislation, the ACCM’s citizen’s advocacy programs are running underneath the ‘Yes We Cann!’ and ‘Elevated States’ initiatives.

ACCM outreach committee co-chair and head of advocacy Glen Caroline said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by how popular the topic of medical cannabis is. In a little over a month we’ve aligned thousands who will support our effort nationally and within 50 state programs (including those yet to legalise).”

“By the time the legislative process starts, ACCM will have built one of the largest and most engaged supporter groups in the country. Our team has worked on multiple campaigns, and rarely have we seen interest and support like this.”

The ‘Yes We Cann!’ program began in late October and has already connected with more than one million people, and will help on the federal level. It works hand-in-hand with ‘Elevated States’ — ACCM’s state program — which is expanding physician and patient access through outreach and education.

ACCM has aligned more than 100 partner/professional resources to successfully navigate the legislative process.

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