Creo, a US ingredient company with a proprietary platform for producing natural rare cannabinoids without the cannabis plant, has produced cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabigerolic acid (CBG/A) through fermentation at 12,500-litre scale.

Creo claims to be the first fermentation-based cannabinoid company to successfully produce finished CBG/A. Fermentation requires less water, energy and land than the plant-based approaches typically used to extract cannabinoid ingredients.

Rare cannabinoids such as CBG and CBG/A are being studied for a range of potential benefits, but are only found in small quantities in the plant and can be challenging to extract, it hard to produce at scale.

Creo CEO Roy Lipski: a major step towards making cannabinoid ingredients widely available.

To enable broader access to CBG/A, Creo has partnered with biotech company Genomatica to create a patented fermentation technology platform that produces consistent high-quality, rare cannabinoids, sustainably at scale, and at a higher purity level than traditional methods.

Commercial production and supply are expected to begin in Q2, 2021.

Creo CEO Roy Lipski said the move was “a major step towards enabling cannabinoid ingredients to reach every household, through wellness, beauty, food and beverage products”.

Creo’s cannabinoids are produced in the US in an FDA-registered, food cGMP-compliant facility. Its global manufacturing partner has more than 4,000 scientists, research chemists, engineers and plant operators in a number of consumer and industrial markets.

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