Cannabis compliance technology company Akerna has published its mid-year review, offering insights into the US cannabis market.

The market is still growing quickly, with the top sales day of 2021 to date unsurprisingly being 4/20, when US$111.8 million was spent on cannabis.

Female consumers are increasing as a share of the market, with spend up by 3.2% since 2019. In the first six months of 2021, women made up 38.2% of total sales, according to Akerna.

That finding is more conservative than market research company the Brightfield Group’s US Cannabis Consumer Trends Report published in June, which found the proportion of female cannabis users rose steadily during 2020, and reached 51% in Q1 2021.

Akerna found flower remains the top product for this demographic at 44%, followed by cartridges and pens at 34%. Flower is also the product preference for 48.2% of all users, up 3% from 2020.

The report found recent efforts by US Democrats to make cannabis legal federally may have a ripple effect on global legalisation, but noted “other countries are certainly not waiting for the US to take the lead”.

Speaking on the future of the industry, Akerna head of corporate development Scott Sozio said interstate commerce and the importance of brands are of growing significance in the US.

He added: “Consolidation that has to date been focused on accumulating assets and planting as many flags in as many states as possible will start to shift to a focus on geographically strategic production positioned to service a national footprint.”

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