The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has apologised after a “clerical error” saw hundreds of CBD products inadvertently left off a list of those that could remain on sale in Britain.

The FSA published the list at the end of March with 3,536 products featured.

But it has emerged that 700 were omitted by mistake.

The FSA has apologised for the blunder.

“We apologise for the small number of omissions from the original list that were the result of a clerical error,” FSA policy director Rebecca Sudworth said. “These products have now been added.”

In addition to the 700 left off the original list, a further 1,700 products have been added, which the FSA said were applications “which had been submitted to the FSA prior to the March 31 deadline, but which required further evidence”.

They will join the CBD products which appeared on the original list, including those from Cann Group, Bod Australia and Elixinol.

The list will be updated again before June 30.

“We are urging any CBD businesses with evidence they have that links their products to credible applications to send it to us as soon as possible, but no later than May 26 2022, for consideration,” Sudworth said.

“We will not be accepting evidence for products to be included on the public list after this date. Businesses that wish to supply evidence for their products for possible inclusion on the public list can also provide evidence of studies they have commissioned, for example toxicological studies.

“These can have been commissioned either before or after the deadline for applications in March 2021, and the evidence of commissioning must be submitted before May 26.”

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