The leader of the Reason Party and cannabis advocate Fiona Patten has described how she “wore down” state authorities in her battle to end the discriminatory drug-driving laws in Victoria.

But she warned the road to reform could still be “rocky” and stressed the police should not be allowed to dictate state laws.

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In an interview with Cannabiz, the politician also spoke of her hope that Victoria could be the catalyst for a nationwide move to ensure medicinal cannabis patients are treated the same as anyone else taking prescription drugs.

Under current Australia-wide drug-driving laws, drivers with any amount of THC in their system – however small – can be prosecuted even if there is no evidence to suggest their driving is impaired.

Earlier this month, Victoria’s Labor Government took the first step to reform by establishing an “implementation group” to consult with doctors, police and road safety experts. A report is expected on December 18.

Patten took up the drug-driving crusade as part of her wider call to legalise and regulate cannabis, and to treat the drug as a health, rather than a criminal, issue.

She said the encouraging progress was the culmination of years of lobbying.

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