Cannabiz co-founder and chief growth officer Martin Lane urges the industry to appeal beyond its base and win over the doubters.

It’s not always easy deciding what we should and shouldn’t publish on Cannabiz. Our mission statement says our role is to shine a light on opportunities for growth. To help our members navigate the business of legal cannabis as it evolves into a billion dollar industry.

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Martin Lane - Cannabis Australia - Cannabiz
Cannabiz co-founder and chief growth officer Martin Lane

So most of our stories feature positive news about growing consumer demand, successful clinical trials, changes in the regulatory framework and companies securing deals to distribute their products far and wide. We try to analyse what that news means for your business, not just tell you that it happened.

The trouble is, we know this is an industry with many detractors, and to ignore them is to bury our collective heads in the sand about the problems we face and will continue to face in some influential quarters.

And today, a story came across my metaphorical desk that didn’t fit our usual criteria (in the year of COVID, it’s actually the kitchen table).

I admit I was tempted to publish it. It’s written up and ready to go. I even selected a suitable image. The temptation is still pushing my finger towards the publish button. Not because it fits with our mission statement, but because it shows what we’re all up against.

The story neatly captures the challenges the industry faces, not just from cynics shouting “show me the evidence” but from people who might, let’s say, get a bit carried away when discussing the benefits of the plant.

So in a blatant case of having my cake and eating it, here it is, in truncated form…

US researchers claim CBD is ‘this generation’s snake oil’