THC Global has begun manufacturing its first commercial run of TGA and EU GMP-compliant medicinal cannabis at its new Southport facility.

The company has also successfully completed its first TGA audit since being awarded a TGA manufacturing licence in January 2020.

In a strategic update to the ASX, THC Global said: “This is an important milestone and validation of the Southport manufacturing facility as well as the local team assembled at Southport and ensures the company will maintain its full TGA and EU GMP-compliant extraction capability.

“It is anticipated, following this successful audit, there will not be the need for a further complete site audit for a further 2-3 years.”

The new facility is set to welcome a new Process Control System (PCS) and Data Acquisition System (DAS) that will enable significant automation of the extraction process. 

In addition, THC Global will start running trial batches in two 250l vessels in early January 2021 following the completion of validation and qualification. 

As well as increasing volume, its said the newly commissioned equipment will provide superior temperature control functionality for both the ethanol extraction and decarboxylation processes. 

The company has applied to the TGA for approval for additional finished dosage forms to be produced at the Southport facility. The company currently has approval for oils, and is hoping to add inhalation including vapes, capsules, suppositories and ovules, and creams to its TGA licence. 

In November, THC Global announced its intention to rebrand and expand in 2021, with plans to rename itself Epsilon Healthcare as part of a shift into a broader range of healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

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