US musician and producer Steven Van Zandt has launched his own cannabis line in Massachusetts — Little Steven’s Underground Apothecary.

The E Street Band guitarist has joined with US cannabis dispensary Canna Provisions to release the line of pre-rolled cannabis joints, with 10% of profits going to the National Organisation for Marijuana Legalisation.

Steven Van Zandt

Van Zandt said: “We need to help spread cannabis education, destigmatisation, and stop unjust criminalisation for a plant that not only does a lot of good, but has proven during Covid to be almost as essential as art to people’s well-being and quality of life.”

The Underground Apothecary line includes other holistic products such as teas, lollipops and candles to help people “control their own wellness”. 

He added: “The United States may be the only country in the world that considers healthcare, both physical and mental, as an afterthought.”

“Little Steven’s Underground Apothecary was created to help combat that issue by focusing on natural, holistic remedies.”

Canna Provisions CEO Meg Sanders said Van Zandt’s line includes low-THC and high-CBD products that are “less about the recreational high, and more for people seeking the benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids… on the body and mind.”

Van Zandt is just one of many US celebrities getting involved in the cannabis and hemp industries.

Hannah Adler

Hannah is a communications professional and early-career researcher in the disciplines of health communication and health sociology. She is a PhD student at Griffith University currently writing a...