Spectrum Therapeutics is seeing rapid growth in sales of its Storz + Bickel vaporiser products as it pushes to become the number one delivery mechanism for patients prescribed flower products. 

Regional managing director APAC Ben Quirin said the company is seeing an increase in sales since the launch of the Storz + Bickel vaporisers earlier this year, sold online at vapormed and through prescribing doctors.

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Ben Quirin - Cannabis News Australia - Cannabiz
Ben Quirin: significant sales growth of vaporisers this year.

Storz + Bickel vaporisers include a mobile device, the ‘Mighty’, and a desktop device, the ‘Volcano’. Vaporisers do not include liquids – dry cannabis is heated by precise temperature control, efficiently releasing active ingredients without toxic by-products.

Australia has the fifth largest sales for Storz + Bickel medical devices in the world, with sales up 110% in Q3 and 22% in Q4 to date.

Quirin attributes this to the increase in both prescriptions for, and the availability of, flower product in the Australian market. 

“If you’re prescribed flower, you need an approved medical device. There’s more awareness around the suitability of the device.

“The Storz + Bickel brand [owned by Spectrum Therapeutics’ parent company Canopy Growth] has been around for 20 years and has been tested and certified.

“These are the only medically approved vaporisation devices in Australia. They heat the product to a certain level and cool it on the inhalation breath so it’s easy and comfortable for patients to use,” said Quirin.