A scientific review commissioned by Canopy Growth and Charlotte’s Web has recommended 160mg as the maximum daily intake of CBD for ‘healthy’ adults.

Researchers used data from 28 human clinical trials and additional animal studies to examine the effects of CBD on the liver and set upper oral doses of CBD isolate when the substance is used as a dietary supplement.

A dose of 100-160mg per day was deemed generally safe for ‘healthy adults’ – people who have not been diagnosed with any medical condition, and are not currently taking any medications.  

For those trying to conceive, are pregnant or breastfeeding, a maximum daily dose of 70mg was recommended. 

While the team said CBD may raise enzyme levels in the liver – a potential sign of damage – this was seen in cases where a very high dosage was consumed, or when CBD was used in combination with certain other medications. 

A previous study, backed by 12 large CBD brands, found ‘no evidence’ of liver toxicity in more than 800 participants taking an average daily dose of 40-50mg.

Based on the effects on the liver in human studies, a ‘Potential Acceptable Daily Intake’ of 0.43mg per kilogram of body weight was determined for the general population, including children and other groups potentially sensitive to CBD.

The authors recommended CBD dietary supplements have “adequate” and “specific labelling” concerning dosing to allow for “consideration of special populations”.

They said the review “meets an urgent need to provide guidance to regulators and other entities seeking to provide recommendations for consumer use based on the currently available data”.

They added: “This assessment can be refined as additional data becomes available, in particular, human clinical trials with lower doses of CBD and pre-clinical study data on the potential developmental neurotoxicity of CBD.”

To read the review in full, click here.

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