Licensed medical cannabis wholesaler Sativite has announced an exclusive partnership with Jamaica Medical Cannabis Corporation (JMCC) to act as the firm’s distributor in Australia, New Zealand and other Asia-Pac countries where medical use is legal.

Under the agreement, Sativite will sell and distribute JMCC’s Jamaican-grown dried
cannabis flower, which will be GMP-certified by Q2 with organic certification following
in late-2021. Sativite will also distribute JMCC Scientific’s products later this year.

Sativite CEO Mike Cleary

Sativite CEO Mike Cleary said: “One of the reasons we were so keen to work with JMCC is that we can offer high-quality and differentiated medical products at relatively affordable prices, thanks to JMCC’s decision to grow a pharma-grade product as naturally as possible in an ideal climate like Jamaica’s.”

He added: “There’s nothing like them in Australia yet, in terms of bioavailability, dosage accuracy and ease-of-use. We believe doctors, pharmacists and patients will
be as excited by them as we are.”

Sativite has established greenfield operations in New South Wales and Queensland.