Medicinal cannabis horticultural company Bioarc is joining forces with speciality drug development and manufacturing firm Sante Laboratories to develop a portfolio of highly bioavailable whole plant therapeutic products.

Sante Laboratories will work with Bioarc to bring its cannabinoid sciences and drug-development expertise to the industry.

The company has developed lipid-based nanoparticle technology, Powered by Sante, to address the solubility and bioavailability challenges associated with drugs including cannabinoids, rendering them more room-temperature stable and functional.

The aim of the partnership is to develop a portfolio of cannabinoid formulations and evaluate safety and efficacy in a variety of preclinical models to support rapid entry into clinical studies.

Sante Laboratories chairman and co-founder Andrew Garnock said the company is “committed to addressing formulation challenges that the entire industry has struggled to overcome”.

He added: “We are aligned with the remarkable potential of cannabinoid therapeutics and equipped with solutions to move the industry forward. We are a drug delivery technology company, with the ultimate delivery system, and ready to partner to get products on the shelf.”

Bioarc founder and executive chairman Michael Boyd said: “Bioarc has the breeding technology to develop unique and very specific cultivars with consistent and identifiable traits – giving us precise pharmaceutical and agronomic profiles.

“Sante Laboratories has the fit-for-purpose formulation technology to enable us to develop and test unique IP-protected cultivars. This agreement brings our industry to the cusp of tremendous growth.”

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