A team of Australian and New Zealand scientists have discovered a way of increasing the absorption of CBD in the blood of mice by almost half and in the brain by a quarter.

CBD is thought to have therapeutic benefits for some brain disorders because it reduces inflammation and acts as an antioxidant, but it is hard for the body to absorb when taken orally.

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To address this problem, researchers from Curtin, Newcastle and Otago Universities produced CBD microcapsules, with the compound encapsulated in a gel.

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They gave the capsules to mice along with capsules of deoxycholic acid, which increases absorption in the body, and measured levels of CBD in their blood and brains after 20 minutes, one hour, and three hours.

Compared with unencapsulated CBD oil, the new method increased the amount of CBD in the blood by an average of 47%, and in the brain by an average of 25%, according to the team.

With the new capsule combination, the peak concentration of CBD in the brain was 300% higher than with CBD oil, they added.

The peer-reviewed study was financially supported by Zelira Therapeutics.

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