Despite some headwinds, Cannabiz co-founder and chief growth officer Martin Lane says the industry has every reason to feel bullish about the future as we say goodbye to a year best forgotten.

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Do you remember 2016, the so-called ‘year from hell’? That blissfully ignorant time when all we had to worry about was the world’s last remaining superpower voting in a reality TV star as president; the UK choosing to sever ties with the large trading bloc on its doorstep in favour of unspecified – and mostly still unsigned – free trade agreements with just about anyone else; and various much-loved celebrities departing the planet at a rate which started to feel a bit personal.

Prior to launching Cannabiz, Martin was co-founder and CEO of Asia-Pac’s leading B2B media and marketing information brand Mumbrella, overseeing its sale to Diversified Communications in 2017. A journalist...