The 2021 German election has seen the Free Democratic Party (FDP) emerge as a kingmaker in a move that could lead to the legalisation of recreational cannabis.

Provisional results show the FDP won 11.5% of the vote while the Greens won 14.8% and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) 25.7% in what may become a ‘traffic light’ coalition. 

Free Democratic Party leader Christian Lindner

When asked what could be easier to achieve with the Greens and SPD than with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, FDP leader Christian Lindner said: “The legalisation of cannabis.”

When pressed on other issues, he responded: “I can’t think of many right now.”

Currently, Germany’s stance on cannabis resembles de facto decriminalisation despite possession of the flower still being illegal. It is deemed a lesser drug than others such as heroin and there there is more leeway in prosecuting cannabis possession. 

The FDP supports legal, but limited, sale of adult-use cannabis in licensed shops, ‘leisure consumption’ and growing global sales of medicinal cannabis. 

Hannah Adler

Hannah is a communications professional and early-career researcher in the disciplines of health communication and health sociology. She is a PhD student at Griffith University currently writing a...