New Zealand health and wellness company Ora Pharm has launched a new app to help patients track their medicinal cannabis use.

Powered by Australian cannabis technology company OnTracka, the app enables patients to track their medications (including cannabis), dosing information, symptoms, mental wellbeing, and other health and lifestyle factors using their smartphone.

The app also provides a direct link between patients and doctors via a secure portal enabling them to share timely information on their medication, symptoms and lifestyle, helping doctors adjust dosages and providing more tailored care and support.

Ora Pharm founder and CEO Zoe Reece

Ora Pharm founder and CEO Zoe Reece said: “Hundreds of thousands of people in New Zealand are using medicinal cannabis and that number’s likely to keep increasing. The app is designed to help these patients and their doctors use medicinal cannabis safely and effectively.”

“If we can guide patients on their healthcare journey and help them to optimise their treatment plan, reduce side effects of other medications, make better lifestyle choices and stay on track towards their goals, then we’d expect to see improved patient outcomes across the board.”

Research and medical officer Dr Roger Negrete said the app has the potential to improve clinical decision making and reduce the load on the healthcare system.

He added: “Health apps empower patients, giving them greater control of, and involvement in, their own healthcare. They also improve access to education around medications and health conditions, and help patients and doctors make more informed decisions together.”

“Additionally, [they] reduce the impact on the healthcare system and increase its efficiency by reducing the need for doctor and hospital visits, as well as helping to make healthcare more accessible for under-served populations, such as those living in remote areas.”

A research arm will enable participants in clinical trials to provide anonymised real-time data via their smartphone.

The app is available in the Apple store and on Google Play.

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