Neurotech International (NTI) has announced preclinical research results demonstrating its proprietary cannabis strain NTI164 can improve the efficacy of Diclofenac at low doses.

Studies conducted in human cells showed NTI164 combined with Diclofenac (the pharmaceutical active found in Voltaren) significantly reduced and normalised the levels of key inflammatory biomarkers in human neuronal cells compared to Diclofenac alone.

The biomarkers are associated with the onset and development of multiple neuroinflammatory disorders including multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease, and inflammatory auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

NTI164 combined with Diclofenac reduced and normalised levels of key inflammatory biomarkers associated with neuroinflammatory disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

When combined with NTI164, Diclofenac’s effect was significantly enhanced, showing a 93% reduction in the expression of TNF-alpha, an 80% reduction in the expression of IL-6, and a 38% to 66% reduction in other key biomarkers.

Neurotech said reducing the Diclofenac dose while achieving increased effect could overcome unwanted adverse side effects of the drug.

Chairman Brian Leedman added: “We now have both Prednisone and Diclofenac, two very commonly used off-patent pharmaceutical drugs for inflammatory disorders, demonstrating significant improvement in effect using up to 90% less active dosage when used in combination with NTI164.”

“The potential to create combination treatments with NTI164 plus Diclofenac and Prednisone that increases efficacy and significantly reduces side effects is now a major driver for the company.”

NTI will soon release results from its final autism spectrum disorder study and is working to secure strategic partners and undertake further clinical trials.

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