Neurotech International has successfully completed in-vitro studies using human brain cells to assess and validate the anti-inflammatory and neuro-modulatory properties of its proprietary DOLCE/NTI cannabis leads.

The company has been testing the neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and neuro-modulatory activities of its DOLCE/NTI strains, which comprise CBDA, CBDP, CBDB and contain less than 0.3% THC.

The studies, conducted at Monash University, University of Wollongong and RMIT University, have shown the superiority of the DOLCE/NTI strains over CBD alone, confirming previous findings and paving the way for further studies including phase 1 clinical trials expected in Q1 2021.

DOLCE/NTI strains have been shown to significantly improve neuronal cell health, cell viability and have the potent ability to reduce inflammation compared with CBD alone.

All these physiological processes are vital in managing disorders with unmet need for therapies including autism, epilepsy, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and related neurological disorders.

Chairman of Neurotech Brian Leedman said: “These final trial results are very encouraging, in particular, the powerful anti-inflammatory mode of action of our strains compared to CBD alone.”

“These results demonstrate that the DOLCE/NTI leads may have a broader application in relation to the management and treatment of a number of neurological disorders.”

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