More than 400 pharmacists signed up to new Australian online cannabis marketplace CanView in its first month of going live.

According to CanView development manager Ryan Tattle, the company distributed more than 4,000 cannabis products during its first month of operation in July.

CanView, by CDA Health, partners with trusted medical cannabis producers to provide pharmacies, doctors and patients with a single ordering platform which offers the widest range of medical cannabis products available in Australia.

The online marketplace was designed to address three major blocks for pharmacists when it came to filling medicinal cannabis prescriptions: confusion; lack of transparency about product availability; and having to order from multiple suppliers with different ordering systems.

“Pharmacists are loving the fact that the platform solves every one of the main pain points of ordering,” said Tattle.

“They no longer have to do individual orders from multiple suppliers and they don’t have to continually upload patient documents each time they fill a repeat prescription.

“Pharmacists are loving the fact that the platform solves every one of the main pain points of ordering.”

CanView development manager Ryan Tattle

“We have been told it is a no brainer from the hundreds of pharmacists and doctors who have already signed up as they now have access to the widest range of products and prices in the country and additionally, increase their margins with only one shipping fee.”

CanView also provides pharmacists with current information on regulations, legislation and industry updates, as well as educational resources surrounding the access and use of medical cannabis.

“CanView is growing fast and the platform has exceeded our exceptions on how rapidly it has resolved the ordering process for pharmacists,” said Tattle.

“The team will continue to develop the technology and have a staged approach to release new features of the marketplace platform over the coming year.”

The online marketplace has also provided a space for producers to market their products and increase their brand awareness.

“The CanView model is built on collaboration,” Tattle added.

“We have worked closely with our brand partners who are excited to be on the CanView platform as it significantly increases their exposure to the market. We are dedicated to ensuring that each product range has the best chance of success and sustained growth through not only initial, but repeat patient prescriptions.”