The cost of living crisis may be hitting families across Australia hard, but it’s making cannabis look like a bargain compared to lettuce.

Satirical news website The Betoota Advocate has compared the soaring cost of ‘God’s’ lettuce with the ‘Devil’s’ variety, and found the latter to be more competitively priced on a per-gram basis. 

It writes: “Also known as cannabis or marijuana, the illegality of the Devil’s Lettuce has meant that the dried-out leafy green plant has traditionally cost a lot more than the holy stuff.

“However, with storms, frosts, market influences, and all sorts of other stuff going on, the good old-fashioned, 90% water lettuce is now fetching far more than the make-you-feel-good stuff.”

And it warns there’s little chance of the crisis easing any time soon, even suggesting new prime minister Anthony Albanese may need to get involved.

Watch out for a question about the price of weed vs icebergs at his next press conference.

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