EXCLUSIVE: It may only have formed in November, but the Legalise Cannabis WA party is about to have two sitting politicians in state parliament’s upper house. Steve Jones finds out how Dr Brian Walker and Sophia Moermond will go about their ultimate aim of legalising cannabis.

“The feedback we’re getting from the people, the ordinary people, is that legalising cannabis is very well supported. There are people against of course. But the groundswell of support is there. So I see this as inevitable. This must happen. The only question is when.”

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The words of Dr Brian Walker, a GP based in Serpentine, WA, may be regarded as predictable coming from an optimistic advocate of legalising cannabis.

But he is not ‘just’ a pro-cannabis doctor calling for legislative reform from the sidelines.

Dr Brian Walker and Sophia Moermond will take the fight to legalise cannabis in WA to Parliament House in Perth

Along with Sophia Moermond, Walker will, on Saturday, formally take his seat on WA’s Legislative Council, the upper house of the state parliament, as members of the Legalise Cannabis WA party.

For the next four years, the duo will take the fight to redefine cannabis to the heart of WA politics. 

Having only formed in November, the LCWA party won just under 2% of the vote in March’s parliamentary elections, which bagged a seat in the South West area for Moermond and East Metropolitan region for Walker.

And while no-one is pretending West Australians will be comparing sativa and indica plants over the garden fence any time soon, the election success of LCWA has provided the movement with an unlikely platform to elevate the discussion around cannabis.