The Legalise Cannabis NSW party has hit the registration target necessary to run candidates in the state’s next election due in 2023. 

Last week, the fledgling party called on members to submit a declaration of party membership form before the closing date for registrations, with 50 more needed.

Party secretary Gail Hester

Party secretary Gail Hester said: “We received forms right up until yesterday and we managed to reach the required number with a few to spare. 

“Two of our committee members worked tirelessly on data entry and we have submitted the application in time to meet the deadline — performing the final steps this morning.”

“The absolute last day to submit is tomorrow. It will take the Electoral Commission several weeks to process the application and we won’t know the result until early next year as they will cease work on registrations during the upcoming by-election period.”

She added: “We will continue to recruit members via the web page so as to build our numbers ahead of the 2023 election.

“There is a great deal of support for legalising cannabis in the NSW community and we will be doing our best to give them a voice in the NSW state parliament.”

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