CBD comparison website Leafreport has found that 63% of independently tested Delta-8 THC products contained incorrect amounts of the compound.

The results came from a comprehensive review of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC products which aimed to determine whether they were safe, legal and contained the advertised amount of Delta-8 THC.

Out of 38 products tested by independent Las Vegas-based cannabis testing lab, Canalysis, only 12 (32%) had the advertised amount of Delta-8 THC. The rest were off by 10.7% to 102.7% from what was advertised on the label.


In addition, 20 (53%) of the products contained more than the hemp legal limit of Delta-9 THC (0.3%), with some containing as much as 15.2% THC. Meanwhile 13 (34%) of the products did not clearly list the Delta-8 content on the label or online product description.

Head of product at Leafreport Lital Shafir said: “Hemp-derived Delta-8 THC has exploded in popularity in 2021. It has been touted as a ‘legal high’, but Delta-8 products have also raised concerns over their legality, safety and accuracy.

“This is why we felt it was important to test these products. Reports like this shed light on Delta-8 products, educate consumers and hopefully encourage companies to be more diligent about their testing standards.”

The report also showed that Delta-8 pre-rolls and gummies were more likely to have inaccurate Delta-8 levels than tinctures and vape products.

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