Overwhelming support for legal adult use in the US could soon be replicated in Australia according to Legalise Cannabis NSW MP Jeremy Buckingham.

A new Gallup poll conducted last month showed 70% of Americans think adult use should be legal, with the move supported by people regardless of age, race, gender, education or political persuasion.

The findings, which were published in the same week conservative Ohio voted to legalise adult use, also show support is consistent across the states, regardless of the legal status of the drug.

Buckingham said: “What’s compelling… is the depth of support for legalisation among conservative and older voters as well as younger and progressive voters.

“This replicates our experience in the NSW election where some of our highest votes came in regional, working-class areas such as Sydney’s western suburbs, the Hunter Valley and the Northern Rivers.

“What these results tell us is that legalisation is a smart political strategy as well as having obvious economic, health and legal benefits.

“I will be bringing our bill to legalise the growing of cannabis plants and sharing the harvest at the final sitting of parliament in a couple of weeks.

“I call on both the government and the opposition to support us and call an end to this outdated, unjust and unpopular prohibition.”

A poll commissioned by drug law reform group Unharm in 2022 found half of Australians supported legalisation of adult use.

The online survey of 1,086 adults aged 18-plus found 50% of respondents supported making cannabis use legal, double the number recorded in the 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey.

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