InhaleRx CEO Matthew Golden

Cannim has signed a two-year deal with InhaleRx to use the firm’s Medihale pods and inhalation devices as a delivery mechanism for its cannabinoid formulations.

InhaleRx CEO Matthew Golden told Small Caps the arrangement with Cannim will expand the formulation options available to prescribing doctors and patients. The company has an existing partnership with Melbourne-based EC Pharma.

He said: “EC Pharma has a number of excellent products, but Cannim has another series of products. Some of their material is sourced from Jamaica and I know the new offerings they will bring to the market will be different to EC Pharma.

“This is an opportunity to bring a high-quality product to the Australian market in a format where patients who have already been prescribed Medihale, perhaps using the EC Pharma formulation, will now have multiple other pods developed by Cannim that will fit their inhaler as well. It’s also an opportunity for a large distribution channel.”

Golden described the agreement as a “first step in a longer relationship” with the possibility of a two-year extension to the initial term.

InhaleRx recently rebranded from Lifespot Health to InhaleRx to better reflect the focus of the business.

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