Incannex Healthcare has partnered with Monash Trauma Group at the university’s Department of Neuroscience to conduct an in vivo study on the protective effect of its combination CBD drug IHL-216A in sports concussion.

The study will use a model of traumatic brain injury developed in collaboration with the US National Football League (NFL) to accurately represent the type of brain injury that occurs in sports-related concussion.

In the model, concussions experienced by NFL players have been scaled to laboratory rats, according to known biological relationships, to mimic the collision mechanics including high-velocity impact and head acceleration. The injury is induced using a custom-built device, which provides the best-known simulation of sports concussion available in a rodent model.

The study will expand upon an initial in vivo study undertaken by Incannex in 2020.

CEO and managing director Joel Latham said: “Undertaking this extensive and well-recognised animal model study, instead of the in-human proof of concept study, has the effect of reducing the overall development time and expense associated with our drug registration plan.

“This additional data will inform the design and end points of our pivotal clinical trials.”

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