Incannex Healthcare has engaged Vectura to develop the specific formulation of its IHL-216A combination drug required for clinical trials.

IHL-216A is Incannex’s proprietary inhaled drug for the treatment of traumatic brain injury. It combines CBD with any volatile anaesthetic agent, including isoflurane, and has been designed to be administered soon after head trauma to reduce the secondary brain injuries that lead to neurological deficits.

Due to its potential use in contact sports, it is designed to satisfy global and Australian anti-doping rules.

Incannex has partnered with the Monash Trauma Group at the university’s Department of Neuroscience to conduct a second, more extensive in vivo study of the protective effect of IHL-216A in sports concussion. The study will expand upon an initial in vivo study undertaken by Incannex in 2020.

The model of traumatic brain injury being used was developed in collaboration with the US National Football League (NFL) and is a precursor to the human trials required for drug registration.

Vectura is a contract development and manufacturing company that specialises in the development and manufacture of inhaled drugs and their associated delivery products.

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