A new cafe offering a range of food and drinks that contain cannabidiol (CBD) has opened in downtown Hong Kong.

The cafe, named Found, is the city’s first to offer a range of coffees, biscuits, beer and fruit juices that contain CBD oil.

The cafe is operated by cannabinoids supplier Altum International. 

Altum International co-owner Fiachra Mullen said the cafe opening is part of a strategy to de-stigmatise cannabinoids in Hong Kong, a country that is known for its tough drug laws. 

However, Mullen said: “Unlike other parts of the region – Australia, New Zealand, Singapore – it’s actually quite a progressive cannabinoid law in Hong Kong.”

Although CBD is a cannabinoid, it is not classified as an illegal or dangerous drug under Hong Kong law.

Coffee, biscuits, green tea and chocolate mooncake containing cannabidiol are for sale, with a bottle of iced CBD-infused coffee costing HK$80 (A$14) and a can of CBD beer costing HK$70 (A$12). 

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