The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party has invited members to an early AGM on September 11 to discuss a name change to Legalise Cannabis.

HEMP party president Michael Balderstone

The name change is aimed at clearing up confusion as hemp farming is now legal in Australia and to detach the party from the word ‘marijuana’ — a term coined by prohibitionists in the US in the 1930s. 

HEMP party president Michael Balderstone said: “Over 70% of our members support the name change in both surveys we have done.” 

While HEMP is a federal party, it hopes the name change will create continuity across the political cannabis community.

The party stated: “We’ve been inspired by the election of two Legalise Cannabis WA Party members of parliament in Western Australia and the registration of [the] Legalise Cannabis Qld Party and the good results they achieved.”

At the next election, it is hoping to get candidates elected to the Senate and fielding candidates in some lower house seats for the first time. 

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