Recreational legalisation in New York has had unforeseen consequences for the city’s dogs, with veterinarians reporting a rise in the number of pooches turning up stoned in their surgeries.

And while the remnants of discarded joints are the main culprit, it seems dogs are also partial to the odd gummy or cannabis-laced chocolate bar. They can also be affected by second-hand smoke.

According to reports, where previously vets might treat one case per month, they are now seeing several per week. 

Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than human beings, so even small quantities of cannabis are highly toxic to them.

And while fatalities are rare, the drug can lead to loss of balance, difficulty walking, nausea and, in some cases, hallucinations.

When presented with a high hound, the vet’s first priority is to get the drug out of the animal’s system, normally by inducing vomiting. In severe cases, it may need to have its stomach pumped and require anti-anxiety medication to minimise agitation.

Dog owners are being encouraged to train their dogs not to eat discarded food and rubbish in the street.

An alternative solution might be for humans not to throw stuff on the floor in the first place.

Meanwhile, a German firm is looking to hire a “cannabis sommelier” with a salary of up to A$154k per year.

Cologne-based Cannamedical sells medicinal cannabis products to German pharmacies and wants its new hire to “smell, feel and smoke” the product.

CEO David Henn told Bild they would also be responsible for reviewing and monitoring “the standards of our growers in the sourcing countries of Australia, Canada, Portugal, Macedonia and Denmark”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, applications are flooding in for what UK tabloid The Sun labelled “the best job in the world”.

However, the successful candidate must live in Germany and actively use the country’s medical system.

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