The Asia Pacific boss of Canopy Growth has insisted Australia needs to address the affordability of medicinal cannabis, as he pointed to Germany as a market that has “nailed” the subsidy issue.

Ben Quirin, the Melbourne-based managing director of Canopy Growth APAC, said the lack of financial help in Australia compared to the insurance-led reimbursements for medicinal cannabis in Germany, was the “critical difference” between the frameworks of each nation.

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Ben Quirin - Cannabis News Australia - Cannabiz
Canopy Growth APAC MD Ben Quirin: affordability a major barrier

He told a conference that reducing the cost for patients and stepping up the knowledge of doctors were key to helping Australians access the drugs they need.

Quirin also suggested the illicit market will continue to hold a “dominant” position in Australia as long as there are no regulations in place to tackle the issue.

“The main thing is how we get to a position where we can drive better affordability for patient access,” he said. “That is the biggest thing I look at. If a patient wants to adopt medicinal cannabis and the doctor says it is the right pathway, affordability becomes a barrier.

“I think Germany really nailed this properly from the outset [where] insurers are subsidising [medicinal cannabis]. Affordability we know is very much a topic across the board and this is addressed under that mechanism.”

Among the reasons for the sometimes prohibitive retail price is the cost to manufacturers in bringing product to market. Hitting the exacting GMP standards, along with other requirements, doesn’t come cheap, Quirin said.

“I hear people say ‘but it’s easy to grow cannabis and to produce a final product’,” he told the discussion. The reality is far different, he said.

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