An analysis of US Google searches has found the southern states of Alabama and Mississippi to be the most curious about CBD.

CBD and Hemp resource Nature and Bloom reviewed Google Trends data over the past 12 months to discover which states are most interested in researching CBD.

Fifty shades of green: Google analysis showed interest in CBD varied among US states

The study revealed that Alabama ranked highest, with popular search terms such as ‘CBD shop near me’ and ‘CBD’. 

Mississippi came in second, with residents frequently typing ‘What is CBD’ and ‘Buy CBD’ into the search engine. 

They were followed by West Virginia in third, with South Carolina and Vermont sharing fourth place and Kentucky and Tennessee sharing fifth.

The top of the list was dominated by southern/Republican states where recreational use has yet to be legalised.

The states least interested in searching for CBD were Massachusetts, followed by Utah, Illinois, Oklahoma, Nebraska and California.  

The list in full…

  1. Alabama  
  2. Mississippi 
  3. West Virginia
  4. South Carolina/Vermont 
  5. Kentucky/Tennessee 
  6. Minnesota
  7. Louisiana 
  8. New Mexico 
  9. Montana 
  10. Oregon 
  11. Arizona/Colorado 
  12. Maine 
  13. Florida 
  14. Delaware 
  15. Arkansas/North Dakota 
  16. Georgia/Missouri 
  17. South Dakota 
  18. North Carolina 
  19. Iowa/New York 
  20. Wisconsin 
  21. Connecticut 
  22. Ohio/Texas 
  23. New Hampshire 
  24. Pennsylvania/Rhode Island 
  25. Idaho 
  26. Kansas 
  27. Michigan 
  28. Nevada 
  29. Indiana 
  30. New Jersey 
  31. Alaska/Virginia
  32. Wyoming 
  33. Hawaii/Maryland
  34. Washington
  35. California/Nebraska/Oklahoma 
  36. Illinois
  37. Utah
  38. Massachusetts 

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