The start of the new year traditionally brings with it the determination to change things up a bit. January is the time we join the gym/stop drinking/quit our job/dump that loser partner.

For most of us, the good intentions don’t last beyond Australia Day, but researchers in the US have found cannabis users are more determined than most to stick to their guns.

While it might be assumed that smoking cannabis would encourage people to lapse into old habits and ditch any plans at self-improvement, a pre-Christmas survey of 1,925 Americans by consumer research firm CBD Oracle found 51.4% of respondents felt more determined to stick to their resolutions more consistently when using cannabis.

Another 31.6% said cannabis doesn’t affect their ability to stick to their resolutions, while only 17% said it weakens their resolve.

Meanwhile, contrary to the ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype, 60.3% said cannabis makes them feel more physically active and productive, with another 21.5% saying it ‘sometimes’ has that effect. Just 18.2% said they feel less active and productive after smoking.

Oracle said this appears to be down to tolerance, with respondents who use cannabis either daily or weekly more likely to report feeling physically active and productive (71.2%) compared to only 33.8% of those consuming sometimes or rarely.

President of the Association of Cannabis Specialists Dr Jordan Tishler said: “Cannabis can quiet parts of our brains that feed the ego, resulting in a go-with-the-flow mentality that makes working out less stressful.”

So next time you feel like cancelling that new gym membership, you know what to do.

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