Entoura has launched a range of non-cannabis terpene blends with plans to market them direct to consumers.

The three blends — Rise, Rest and Recover — are tailored towards varying lifestyle requirements, each with a different terpene profile but the same organic hemp seed oil base.

Rise features Terpinolene, commonly found in nutmeg, sage and parsnips, for cerebral stimulation and to boost energy levels.

Rest uses Humulene, found in hops, cinnamon and sage, to help with sleep.

And Recover has Caryophyllene, from pepper, cloves and cinnamon, for its anti-inflammatory, calming effect.

While the three products share some of the same ingredients, each contains 14 to 16 different terpenes designed to work together to boost and modify the effects of the others in the blend. The terpenes are sourced from a variety of non-cannabis plants.

Entoura general manager Clare Barker said the range would allow the company to engage directly with consumers, given the products contain no cannabinoids.

She added: “The addition of Entoura Terpenes to our medicinal cannabis portfolio provides additional flexibility for healthcare practitioners and consumers to incorporate specific terpene benefits if it’s desirable for them to avoid using cannabinoids. 

Entoura general manager Clare Barker

“Alternatively it can be incorporated by prescribers as an adjunct to their patient’s medicinal cannabis treatment plan where they are seeking additional terpene benefits.”

Entoura Terpenes are available online supported by a digital campaign targeting consumers. They will also be ranged at specialised cannabis dispensing pharmacies and other pharmacies/dispensaries with an interest in natural medicine.

Barker added: “We expect the uptake of these products to increase as the sophistication of the medicinal cannabis consumer increases, along with their awareness of the role of terpenes.”

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