Emyria’s clinical operations subsidiary, Emerald Clinics, has entered into a global partnership with UK-based Sapphire Medical Clinics.

The partnership will provide a new source of data to bolster Emyria’s growing cannabinoid data platform and allow Emyria to leverage Sapphire’s resources and infrastructure in the UK to provide services to UK patients. 

Emyria managing director Dr Michael Winlo said: “Access to medicinal cannabis in the UK is restricted in similar ways to how access was restricted in Australia a few years ago.

“We know that regulators in Australia and the UK encourage registration of medicinal cannabis and that this requires high-quality clinical evidence.

“This agreement is part of an evolving partnership between our two organisations which will allow us to support a clinical service in the UK while also collecting high-quality, de-identified clinical evidence that can greatly enhance the utility and value of our Emyria Registration and Emyria Pharmacovigilance data products, which support drug developers with product registration and monitoring.”

The UK medicinal cannabis market is predicted to be worth nearly $1.8 billion and services around 340,000 patients.

This new project is expected to last up to 24 months and provides total consideration to Sapphire of at most $481,000 based on performance milestones.

The Sapphire contract allows Emyria to deliver on the recently announced Spectrum UK data contract worth $740,000 to Emyria and adds to the recent success in securing further data agreements with Spectrum Therapeutics and Zelira Therapeutics.

For the first commercial project, Sapphire will become Emyria’s preferred clinical service provider in the UK and Sapphire will provide select, de-identified clinical data based on the use and efficacy of cannabinoid products back to Emyria.

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