Emyria has launched a second ultra-pure CBD dose with a phase one clinical trial expected to begin later this year.

The company said EMD-RX7 will target indications that respond to high doses of CBD “as guided by Emyria’s extensive real-world data gathered with 6,000 patients”.

It said the dose demonstrated four times the bioavailability of Epidyolex in a pharmacokinetic animal study.

Dr Michael Winlo

EMD-RX7 will be the second Emyria CBD product being advanced towards registration with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the US Food and Drug Administration.

Unlike EMD-RX5, which Emyria is looking to register as an over-the-counter schedule 3 product, the higher dosage of EMD-RX7 will remain prescription only.

Emyria managing director Dr Michael Winlo said: “Emyria’s real-world data suggests there are a range of clinical indications that respond to high daily CBD doses.

“We also know that most CBD available to patients has poor bioavailability, meaning only a small amount of active medicine enters the bloodstream where it can be effective. This is why we have developed a range of convenient, ultra-pure CBD capsules with improved bioavailability.

“With EMD-RX7 we have a convenient dose form that we believe can deliver higher CBD exposures more efficiently, allowing us to target a range of prescription-only indications. In other words, help the broad range of major unmet needs that affect the patients we treat every day at our clinical service subsidiary, Emerald Clinics.”     

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