Ecofibre has filed four patent applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office following positive data from a pain study being conducted with the University of Newcastle.

The company is focused on new treatment and management options for gynaecological diseases and in the Newcastle Pain Study, launched earlier this year, researchers tested Ecofibre subsidiary Ananda’s CBD formulation on patient-derived organoids.

Ecofibre chief science officer Dr Alex Capano

It told the ASX 31 women responded positively, with diseased cells of unspecified gynaecological diseases “completely eradicated upon treatment with Ananda Health’s proprietary formulation”.

Ecofibre chief science officer Dr Alex Capano said: “Women face a host of gynaecological disorders for which there is currently no adequate method of treatment. Various forms of pelvic pain affect over 80% of women and are associated with infertility and poor health and socioeconomic outcomes.”

“Gynecological cancers account for over 15% of cancers diagnosed in women globally. They are frequently diagnosed in late stages, considerably aggressive, difficult to treat and often result in metastatic disease. The need for improved therapeutic options is clear.”

Professor Pradeep Tanwar from the University of Newcastle added: “Our work with Ecofibre addresses a pressing unmet clinical need to provide new treatment and management options for gynaecological diseases.

“Women with metastatic gynaecological cancers have limited treatment options. The five-year survival rate of many gynaecological cancers is lower than other solid cancers and has not significantly improved in the last 20 years.

“We are excited about these initial results and [are] now developing strong scientific rationale for the clinical application of CBD for various gynaecological disorders.”

Ecofibre CEO Eric Wang said the company’s broader research goal was to provide healthcare professionals and patients with quality data on the safety and efficacy of hemp extract.

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