In the second part of an exclusive interview with Cannabiz, Medcan Australia managing director Craig Cochran sets out the underlying reasons for the spike in demand for dried flower. Chief correspondent Steve Jones reports.

It may be against the instincts of doctors to prescribe it, but something is happening with dried cannabis in Australia.

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While still regarded as the spiritual, go-to product of the “stoner hippie” – a perception that continues to endure – change is in the air.

From an industry perspective, flower has, of course, always been a legitimate and respectable delivery format.

The medical community, on the other hand, has not been quite so receptive.

Medcan Australia’s recently harvested dried flower

Yet according to Medcan Australia managing director Craig Cochran, Australia is in the midst of an evolution of the medicinal cannabis market, and it’s one where flower is becoming more socially acceptable.

No detailed data

Precisely how much flower is prescribed in Australia, or any other format for that matter, is hard to gauge.

Aside from the TGA’s Special Access Scheme figures released on its website each month, little else is publicly available.

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