Australian-developed cannabis health app, OnTracka, is exporting its technology to Europe after striking a white-label deal with UK medicinal cannabis firm Grow Pharma.

The UK-based company, which imports, manufactures, sells and distributes cannabis medicines in the British market, is expected to launch the OnTracka technology in May under the name Calyx.

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The app enables patients to log details about the medication, their progress, general health and outcomes. After consent from patients, doctors will also have access to the data in order to monitor patients and the effect of the medication they have prescribed.

In addition to assessing the health and well being of individual patients, it will, over time, allow manufacturers to capture real-world data to present to regulators.

“The long-term pitch in the UK is that we want broader use for cannabis medicines, ideally at some point on the NHS. With support from patients using the app, anonymised real-world evidence capturing safety and efficacy data is crucial to give doctors the confidence to prescribe,” chief executive of Grow Group’s Pharma division, Pierre van Weperen, said.

OnTracka was developed by Australian cancer survivor and tech pioneer Chad Walkaden, who used his own experience to build an app which aims to “legitimise cannabis medicines into healthcare around the world”.

Van Weperen said Grow Pharma was attracted to the technology by its ability to capture a broad range of healthcare data.

“The good thing about this app compared to others is that it’s not just about the cannabis medicine itself, it offers a broader perspective about how a patient is doing and how they are feeling, so there is hopefully more of an attraction for patients to keep using it,” he said.